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Who to drop for Alshon


10 team PPR,
WRs are Keenan allen, Jarvis, Sanders, Baldwin, Alshon.
RBs are Saquon, J. Howard, Ingram, Conner, Aaron Jones, Collins.

dropped my defense since I was looking for one this week but picked up Alshon instead.
I need to drop one player to pick up a defense this week.

I was thinking about dropping Collins since I don’t think i’d start him over the other RBs. Also, i like to stockpile on RBs because they get hurt more often and it’s hard to find a starter on waivers. Should I keep all RBs and drop a WR?



Collins is the one I would drop


i’d drop collins before anyone else as well. But could you make a trade before dropping him? Or does it not allow you because you have an overflow of players


Agree wtih above. Out of this group I would drop Collins. An alternate option would be to package Baldwin and Collins/Jones/Howard for an upgrade at WR or RB. Someone like Julio or McCaffery.


thanks for the recommendations guys, the package for trades sounds like a good idea, I need to package a two for one so I can make room for my defense this week. thanks again!!