Who to drop for Brown? Who are the best WW guys in PPR?

Which is the best? What is the FAAB to be spent?And who should I drop? Got Lamar Jackson as a QB, JJ & OBJ, Monty and Carson as well…

I am not targeting Hollywood in most leagues, he was a product of a terrible Mia defense and two big plays. Form the available waiver guys, I’m more interested in John Ross and Amendola. That being said, theres no need to have Mike Davis or Ogunbowale. So, I’d drop Ogunbowale for Ross, Amendola, and Hollywood in that order. You know your league better than us; so, the FAAB amount is up to you. I’d put the same amount on all 3 guys, dropping Ogunbowale for all of them and order the claim as I said above. I’d treat the perception around all guys as a flex play for the next 1-4 weeks. Odds are Ross gets hurt, Amendola losses passing work to Kerryon, and Hollywood becomes unreliable against good defenses. So, however much you’d spend on a flex WR for the next 1-4 weeks is the amount I’d spend

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@michael_pounders Thank you.

I was taking a flier on Beasley since Josh Adams seemed to have rapport with him and there is the chance he could be a PPR monster from the waiver wire. Was contemplating Ross and Brown for high ceiling since I am eating crap with Josh Gordon and James White… Not going to put more than $5-$10 FAAB on either Ross or Brown…

@MikeMeUpp I know you always have opinions, what’s your take on the receivers from the WW?

The only WRs i’m targeting are McLaurin and DK. Showed up and have the snap % and air yards market share required to actually sustain.

Hollywood is a huge fade for me. Same with John Brown unless I’m desperate cause he’ll evaporate again once AJ Green comes back.

AJ Brown would be the 3rd guy in deeper leagues.

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What about the 2 WR’s from JAX? Chark and Connelly?

@MikeMeUpp @michael_pounders

Thanks! Cheers!

I’m passing on Connelly. Chark is on the same level as AJ Brown for me. Stash in deeper leagues but not someone I’m looking to start just yet.

Similar to Hollywood, that KC swiss cheese defense makes you look a lot better than you are.