Who to drop for Charles Clay? Full PPR

Barring disaster this week, I should be playoff bound. I want to pick up Charles Clay because he has a few easy matchups coming up, and Doyle’s are fairly tough. Here is my roster:

QBs: Dak & Goff
RBs: Hunt, Murray, Woodhead
WRs: Julio, Crabtree, E. Sanders, Kupp, S. Shepard
TE: Doyle
K: Prater

Who should I drop to pick him up??

Woodhead. No game script centered around him and well, joe flaccid…

I’ve been thinking about that move, but at the same time that would leave me with just Hunt and Murray at RB, which is already a pretty terrible place to be…if only there were some decent RBs to pick up.

A quandary for sure. Sterling may have lost his upside with Geno under center, but he’s still their #1 WR and so will at least have a good amount of looks. I’d pick Crabtree and Sanders over Kupp, so maybe Kupp ends up being the odd man out.

If you plan to start goff then start Kupp too for the double stack. Especially with woods down. I would not break that up…

I ended up dropping Shepard. He might be good, but it’s not worth guessing about, with QBs rotating. I agree, I like the idea of playing Goff and Kupp