Who to drop for Chris Herndon?

Herndon comes back week 3 so I want to scoop him before he goes on waivers on Sunday. My TE is Vance McDon so it’s an insurance policy if he stays crappy. My keepers from last year were Thielen and Baker.

Standard league, 12 team, Start 1QB, 3WR, 2RB, Flex, D, K

QB Baker, J Allen
RB Carson, Montgomery, Brieda, J White, J Hill,
WR Hopkins, Thielen, Golladay, Hardman, McLaurin, G Allison
TE Vance

I want to give Allison one more week to see if he gets more involved but he’s who I’m leaning towards. Justice is a candidate too but would leave me thin at RB. Thoughts?

My MO is normally if I’m carrying 2 TEs I only have 1 QB and vice versa, since they are onesies. I’d probably pick either Baker or Allen to drop for Herndon based on how they do this week.

Herndon has a 4 game suspension and the Jets have a Week 4 bye. Therefore, he won’t be back until Week 6. AKA leave him alone for now.

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Is it 4 games? I thought he was back next week!

Suspended 4 plus a bye. Leave it for now


Well I will hang out for a couple more weeks then.

This upcoming waiver claim day is probably when you need to snag him if you really want him FYI