Who to drop for Clement?

My RBs are:
James White
Tevin Coleman
Alex Collins
R. Freeman

Would you drop any of these players for Corey Clement?

Just noticed K. Drake is on waivers as well, would you drop any of my RBs for Drake?
And if so, would you value Clement or Drake as #1 waiver priority?

That’s a tough one. I honestly dont know that i’d drop any of your players for Clement. You have more potential there than a backfield split between Clement and Smallwood

I don’t think I’d drop any of them for those 2 guys. I don’t really see either as a definite upgrade talent-wise or guaranteed volume-wise. Clement will be dealing with Smallwood and perhaps a new RB if the Eagles go out and sign one, which I think is a distinct possibility. And Drake has been thoroughly unimpressive as a runner, and it’s hard to predict anything when it comes to how consistently he’ll be used as a receiver. And he’s been ceding an increasing share of the backfield to Frank Gore seemingly each week, which says a lot about what the decision makers down in Miami think of him right now…

I also think all of your RB’s have superior value as standalone backs, should their teammates get injured and they are called to step up as the sole workhorse.

Thanks for the advice fellas…
Got excited thinking Clement might be a RB1 to own, but Smallwood is not going away…
Will hold tight with what I got hoping that Alex Collins gets going and Kerryon/Freeman start to see more volume…

Could drop something you’re streaming at the moment and then add these guys and get a trade done before sunday if you want to go to that effort, bc i think they both have value still

but def wouldn’t sacrifice anything currently valuable to you in order to make space for them