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Who to drop for Cobb and a Defense?


Cobb just hit the waiver wire! I need WR help bad and I also need a Defense. Who do I drop to get Cobb and a defense? Must drop 2.

Robby Anderson, Nelson Ahgolor, Larry Fitz, O.J Howard or Andy Dalton? I also have Cory Davis and Sterling Shepard but were planning on keeping them and I have Kittle as my TE. I had picked up Howard to sit in my IR for a couple weeks but now he’s questionable and can’t go there.

I have five good running back all with different bye weeks so I’m not touching my RBs. Barkley, Freeman, Michel, Lindsey and Buck Allen.


Nelson Ahgolor is a definite drop, easy decision…

The other drop for me would be Fitz…
I know this will be hard to do because of where you drafted him, but the AZ offense has been horrible and their defense can’t get off the field…