Who to drop for Drake?

I’m a Jacobs owner and someone dropped Drake this past Wednesday so I want top pick him up. But, Idk who to drop… (12-team .5PPR)

QB: Josh Allen
RB: Najee, D. Montgomery, J. Jacobs, E. Mitchell, L. Murray
TE: Waller
WR: Shepard (who I played), Cooks, R. Anderson, C. Sutton, N. Agholor

I’m leaning Murrary or Agholor…

Agholor for me. He’s so boom bust that you’ll never feel comfortable starting him and I expect he goes unclaimed or someone drops similar for him that if Murray doesn’t pan out you can easily get him or someone like him back later

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I agree with the above. Agholor would be the one I drop for Drake.


Go get Drake ASAP…. Jacobs ruled out for sunday per Schefty

Agholors won’t fight without a leader.