Who to drop for DST, K & Te


Well, you should obviously wait until the day or so before Week 1 (Sunday game)

Right now, drop Golden Tate and Albert Wilson. Tate clogging your bench for four games is not worth it. He’s not this year’s Edleman, he’s still the #2 WR (probably #4 target) on a bad Giants team.

Also drop Albert Wilson. Too crowded a receiving core and inconsistent a QB to provide value rn. I like him, but he’s droppable.

Lastly, you’ll know whether to drop Pollard or Justin Jackson before Week 1. If both Elliot and Gordon are holding out, maybe try to trade both for an upgrade. If one returns, drop the other

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Albert Wilson, Tate, and Ballage. Miami is awful, you’ll likely not need Wilson and Tate is clogging your bench.

Albert Wilson or Golden Tate would be the two I’d most consider dropping. I’d hate to drop Ballage but you have enough RB’s where it’d be fine. Any way you could get a trade done?

I’ll try for Vance, cause he grabbed 3 TE. What’s a fair trade offer?