Who to drop for Ekeler?

Ekeler is on the waiver…
Think he will generate a lot of points in the next few weeks. Right? Better he is in my Team than in any other… :slight_smile:
But who to drop?
Standard with playoffs 15,16,17
Playoffs are save for me.
M. Gordon? Or should I have hope for some games in the end of the playoffs and drop someone else?
My Team:
QB Brees
RB Elliott, M. Gordon, Mixon, Michel, G. Edwards
WR M. Thomas, Woods, Hilton, AJ Green, J. Gordon
TE Kittle, Njoku
Thank you very much.

Firstly do not drop Melvin Gordon, theres a high chance he returns for the week 15 game vs the Chiefs which will be hugely important in the division and playoff race.

Looking at your roster i would personally drop Njoku you don’t need two TEs with Kittle as an every week play. Otherwise you don’t have any other drop candidates and have great starters/depth so if you are hell bent on holding two TE’s then there really isn’t anyone else i’d drop to be honest. I guess Josh Gordon or Edwards but in that case i’d drop Josh Gordon but really it’s Njoku or no one for me here.


Hey James,
thank you very much for your reply.
That really helps me.

To be honest with your lineup Ekeler is merely a stash he won’t play over who you have. I’d maybe even lean Edwards but his schedule is favorable.

I’d be hesitant to drop Njoku with his schedule as well and letting him hurt you. I’d probably drop Edwards if it were my team but honestly you don’t need him either

Thank you.
Really a hard decision.
Regards Josh