Who to drop for K and D/ST?

Need to drop two players to add my kicker and D/ST before week 1.

We keep 1 player drafted after the 5th round and rostered all year, no penalty, can keep for as long as you want. My current keeper is Kelce and have had him for a few years now.

ESPN standard scoring with big play * big game bonuses.

I will star* the potential keeper players for next year.

Who do I drop (need to drop two players) to add my K and D/ST.

QB: Josh Allen*

RB: Josh Jacobs, Joe Mixon, Mark Ingram, David Montgomery*, Zack Moss*, Marlon Mack*

WR: AJ Brown, Robert Woods*, Michael Gallup*, Diontae Johnson*, Jerry Jeudy*

TE: Kelce*

K: ?

D/ST: ?

Since we are a standard league and RB are so hard to find, my initial thought was to drop Michael Gallup and Diontae Johnson since WR is easier to find, although both/either of them could be good keepers. Jeudy probably not as valuable this year but if he turns into the player he has the potential to be, could be a great keeper. Thanks for your help.

Man that’s tough!!! Can you just get rid of kicker??? :joy:

Honestly I would probably say Marlon Mack is one. Mainly because he probably doesn’t have a place long term on the Colts. Even 1/2 way down the season, Mack will likely continue to cede carries to Jonathan Taylor.

Personally, I would drop Jeudy. Not Gallup, he’ll have good in season value. Also, Dionte Johnson could be “the guy” in Pitt next year if Juju’s contract isn’t renewed. This is totally possible. Cortland Sutton will still likely be the #1 in Denver next year.

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Get rid of kicker in the league? That would be nice lol so can have more skill position players. Good point about Johnson for the future yeah he could be the guy in Pittsburgh. While I do think as the season goes on Mack will lose carries to Taylor but if Taylor doesn’t look good this year and with that O line Mack could he really good all year. I am not sure I would play him over Ingram but could try and trade one of the two.

While I think that Gallup and Johnson for sure have more value this year, don’t you think that if Jeudy turns out to be really good he would be a stellar keeper? With the high premium on RB in our league I am tempted to stick w Moss and Mack and drop Gallup and Johnson and see if Jeudy works out. Our league has a short bench so should be able to find a WR 3. Don’t love the idea of only having 2 WR and 6 RB lol but feel like it’s almost worth it in a RB premium league.

No, you absolutely make good points! And I would say if you strongly believe in Jeudy, then if he hits it will make it that much sweeter. I just don’t know that he’ll have enough opportunity in that offense to show enough in his rookie season to warrant a keeper the following season. BUT, I would have said the same about AJ Brown last year!

You do you!

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