Who to drop for Kenny G

Someone dropped Kenny G and I have 3 possible people to drop.

Carson Wentz- I have Rivers and he doesn’t really have any bad matchups ROS where as Wentz does. Rivers is past his bye now and not sure if I really need to keep Wentz.

Doug Baldwin- they are way to focused on running and not sure if he is going to get enough targets this year.

DJ Moore- I don’t think I want to drop him as he seems to be hitting his stride and his playoff matchups seem juicy.

The other receivers on my team are Keenan Allen, Courtland Sutton and Alshon Jeffrey.

Which of the 3 should I drop?

Anyone have an opinion for me?

Wentz for sure doug can turn it around and dj can break out

I say Doug Baldwin and I would most likely be looking for a person to trade Wentz and another player to get an upgrade at another position

Its wentz by a long shot

Problem is everyone has a great option and I wouldnt get much of anything for him.