Who to drop for Murray

Current RB’s

A Jones

Tyson Williams

Would love to have the potential RB1 for Balt

Was considering dropping RoJo or am I crazy?

My full Roster

Aaron Jones

Corey Davis
Michael Thomas (IR)

I think Rojo would be the drop, can you not swing a 2 for 1 trade to free up a spot?

Tricky as Rojo looked average last night though. Drake to the Jacob’s owner plus a piece, if they have anything of value?

I’m debating picking him (Murray) up, would have to drop Tony Jones. To be honest I don’t know how much upside the full committee of Ravens backs would have over the Saints RB2 though.

Im holding Ty’son and seeing how the week shakes out, Murray likely won’t play much this week. Might be a hold a trade high if Ty’son has a good game, someone will overpay .


I think the trade would hold up the opportunity for me to take Murray now as a FA……I like Drakes opportunity as a pass catching back……I think I’ll just drop RoJo

I’d def keep Tony Jones……he might have that Kamara (Ingram era) stand-alone value

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Fair and yes if he’s a FA may as well grab. At least Rojo has played so he’ll be locked for the weekends games.

Agree re Tony J, he could be sneaky. I think, unless Ty’son really goes off and looks really good I’ll trade him off a good game to a desperate owner. RB is thin this year and will no doubt get thinner over the weekend, could cash in.

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I just don’t get it. Exactly what is it about this dumpster fire of a backfield in Baltimore that makes everyone look at it and say, “I gotta get me some of that!”

People are dropping sixth round picks to roster a couple of geriatrics who couldn’t make a practice squad on any team in the country a week ago, but now they’re going to be your league-winners?


The appeal of having a top rushing team that will continue to run the ball and the chance for someone like Murray who has been more than useful before to take over for the year by himself. I dont know that id be dropping some of what ive seen said but there is definitely an appeal.

Again only if your team has actual room for it

Who knows with Ty’son too its all just dart throws everyone wants the Robinson from last year for nothing

Thoughts on dropping James Conner for Murray?? Also Kenny G is a drop candidate

So you have a team that has perennially trotted out at least a three-headed backfield which also includes their QB as the team’s leading rusher for the past two seasons, but now that their studs are all injured, they’re going to settle on a single geriatric league cast-off to suddenly be their bellcow?

I’m not seeing it.


Don’t drop Kenny G. James Conner is likely to fall in the endzone a few times to make him usable.

I’m trying to unload baltimore RBs as fast as possible on this hype train. I don’t see how any of them are stand alone value but if you can combine all three into 1 player I’m all over it.

I think the ravens backfield even if 3-headed is better than james conner splitting with edmonds

thats fair

I dont really think anyone who takes that job becomes an rb1 but you need a viable rb2/3 for flex and byes id be happy to have him there.

Dropping Conner or Kenny G is not having room for a move like this… just come on now

Now you have like ingram “starting” for Houston in another RBBC id take the shot on Murray and thats not even a big confidence in that. but deep bench leagues and whatnot there is a place for him he isnt someone to just avoid at all costs.


the forum has spoken.

It’s not, and Conner will probly be the lead RB in Arizona sooner rather than later. Edmonds, like Andre Ellington before him, is not built to be a lead back, and while Conner may start out just scoring all the TDs that his powerful offense will put him in a position to score, his position coach is the same RB coach he had in Pittsburgh in 2018–you know, the year he posted 1470 yards and 13 TDs. So he’s not an unknown commodity to them, and when Edmonds breaks down, Conner’s going to be a legit RB2.