Who to drop for Samuels

Here’s my roster, it’s a standard scoring league, and we have 3 flex positions. I’m leaning towards dropping Ben because I cant imagine benching Mahomes for him ROS, but looking for opinions, thanks1

Hard to say. Would you play him over Gronk? Kerryon may be?

Yeah I was thinking of playing him over Gronk just because of how bad it’s been, and since it’s yahoo it’ll work in the TE spot. Kerryon is a solid idea, nervous he’d get scooped and perform again though :confused:

If one could nab samuels, would you play him over ekeler?

As far as your line-up goes, i think i would start him over gronk if yahoo doesnt change his eligibility.

To me the value of playing a starting running back in TE slot is huge. I am going for it in everybyahoo league eitherr for me or to block others. Not sure avout kerryon’s injury situation. Given last weeks performance Ekeler may work. I dont want to play against a good team with a starting rb for a tight end.

There’s been no news on Kerryon one way or the other. Part of me feels he’ll see a reduced role since Detroit is already out of things, and Blount and Riddick are both involved again. If I got Samuels I’d start him over Gronk and keep Ekeler in, I’m not going to claim Justin Jackson, I’ll take the volume and hope Ekeler does better this week

IMHO I would not drop K Johnson. We have seen him put up numbers and his role grow. while DET might get into shutdown mode, they might still want to see how he produces moving forward. plus, i really only see Samuels as a short term play who might be part of an RBBC anyway if the rumblings out of PIT are true.