Who to Drop for Singetary?

Saw the news and want to pick him up but not sure who to drop from bench.
Bench consists of
J Gordon
M Sanders
AJ Green
R Freeman
D Johnson

Or is it a douche move to drop my Defense to get him and wait until it allows me to put Aj Green in the IR spot week 1?

If the league rules allow the “douche move,” then it’s not a “douche move.”

I just dropped Damien Harris for Singletary. That was a relatively easier choice than the one confronting you. If you don’t want to do the douche move, then AJ or Royce are your only choices (that “D Johnson” is David Johnson, right?).

It’s no coincidence that the people posting on the forums this morning asking who to drop to pick up Singletary are people who drafted these dead-roster-space-studs like AJ and Melvin Gordon. It makes it tough to decide, doesn’t it?

Ooops meant Duke Johnson. My starting RBs are CMC, Mixon and Flexing C Carson. Just want some depth and trade weapons.

Drop your D if it’s nothing special. I have AJ that I’m waiting to put in my IR spot too

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Ah…I should’ve known it was Duke. David wouldn’t be benched (although lately…I’m not so sure).

Well…as of now, OBrien’s singing the bell cow song for Duke, and he certainly carried the rock full-time at the U, so he can do it. So he’s not droppable, either.

Yeah…do the “douche move” especially if it’s legal.

Thanks for the help. Dropped Houston D for him. Wasn’t happy playing them against Saints anyway.

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Oh yeah dude I would not play the Houston’s D against the Saints especially without Clowney. Great choice

My defense and K are both dropped every year post-draft as soon as waivers clear… K is dropped weekly. This year I used those spots to pick up Darwin Thompson and Singletary. People cry about me always hoarding 5+ starting RBs going into fantasy playoffs but that’s fine as long as they keep coming back and giving me their money. Lol. Is it douchey? Maybe… is it the smartest play by far? Absolutely.

Smart move on your end. Last season I thought I had enough RB depth until half of them were injured come playoffs.

I play in two leagues where you must always have two kickers, two qbs, and at least two TEs on your roster at all times. You can be as lopsided in favor of RB or WR as you want as long as you have two to start each week. Any other moves are made within those parameters. In other words, no swapping out WRs or RBs for D or K.

I’m not sure if I like that better because it keeps everyone honest, or if I’d rather have the latitude to make those kind of moves…

Definitely a smart move to drop the Houston D now, but Seattle just blew up their offensive line (which wasn’t great to begin with). I wonder if Carson’s skyrocketing value will come back down to earth? He’ll be running behind a terrible line.

Could be true but feel like their lack of WR depth will get him involved in the passing game.