Who to drop for Sterling Shepard off waivers?

12 team Full PPR:
WRs: OBJ, Hilton, Landry, Garcon, Meredith, A. Miller, C. Godwin
RBS: Cook, Ingram, Kerryon, Barber, Breida

Honestly of you really want Shepard I would drop Garcon. He is not a player that is gonna get TDs and has a very low ceiling. But truthfully your WRs are the right mix of floor and upside

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Always tough to drop a WR2 from a passing team but I keep hearing disappointing reviews of Meredith and I would drop him to add Sterling Shepard.

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Garcon, Meredith, and Godwin are all honestly similar levels so it comes down to who you believe in more. But given that shep is basically leapfrogging to become your WR4, it comes down to which offense you like less. Me personally i’d drop meredith, he’s never done and i and have no faith he will do it.