WHO to drop for Ware

Not sure if I’ll even try to pick him up or not…but…

would have to be between:
A Miller, J Reynolds, Malcolm or Gus.

AND…not sure I really want to drop any of them TBH

Would you???

Thanks a mil y’all!!!


Post your line up

QB: Wilson
RB: Gurley
RB: A Jones
WR: Dav Adams
WR: Evans
TE: Brate
FLEX: Chubb

Bench: Tev Coleman, Lockett, A Miller, J Reynolds, M Brown, Gus, Truby

Actually, could dump Coleman I reckon, since ATL’s not gonna be pushing too hard at this point.

I’d dump Miller for him.

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Interesting. I figured Chi would be using him BIG time. Not arguing, mind you…just surprised. Maybe I’m thinking about it wrong tho.

Cause if you have depth IMO all are dropable except Gus bust

Fair point, I am looking at in in terms of upside + offense. Especially if Hunt is out several weeks during fantasy playoffs.

I snatched up M Brown (Gurley) and Reynolds (Kupp).

Truby might need Miller.

Hate to dump Lockett cuz I got Wilson, and Wilson loves Lockett.

So…kinda thinking maybe Coleman.

YES??? :thinking:

Hunt just got released and you’re talking a bunch of tier 3 and 4 players. Ware becomes a top RB1 just grab him ASAP

DAMN!!! DAMN!!! DAMN!!! TOO LATE!!! He just got grabbed up!!!


LOL…Hunt owner just snatched him up 2 seconds ago!!!