Who to drop help?

So my roster is at full capacity I need to drop someone in order to put in Zuerlein that’s in my Ir spot for Matt Gay as starting kicker. Who should I drop? Keep in mind Travis kelce has a bye week next week and someone is offering Jared Cook for Matt Gay. So if I took that I’d still need to drop someone. This is a full PPR league. Let me know your thoughts please and thank you!

I’d drop Lance. SF just had a big win last week, and I think it would take a Jimmy G injury for Lance to start at this point. Plus you have Brady, so you’re probably not starting Lance unless Brady also got hurt. Ideally if Antonio Brown is declared out early you could swap him into the IR slot without dropping anybody, but since he’s in the Monday night game it’s unlikely to happen before you have to make a decision on Lance.


Another thought, see if the Eli Mitchell owner needs Wilson. You dont need Wilson since you do not have Mitchell.

Thanks for your input. I’ve been hoping that’s the case but Brown hasn’t been labeled out. So it’s looking like I’m dropping Lance. What do you think about accepting a trade Jared cook for Matt Gay. Kelce on bye week next week? Next best on waivers is Everett.

Neither Cook or Everett are great options. But we’re talking about a kicker and you already have Zuerlein, so it’s pretty low risk. If someone better gets dropped and pops up on the waivers (or if Everett’s usage stays high), then you can always drop Cook for someone else.