Who to drop? j. jones on waivers

Someone dropped Julio, not the greatest season so far but still Julio Jones. Who can I drop?

Bateman for me. I doubt you ever play him or even TY as he is hurt again. You held Thomas this long, as I have, you might as well hold until he is back

Id tend to agree either Bateman or TY and id lean TY he hasnt done anything in a very long time hes only just name now in my mind.

Julio also just hit waivers for us. Would you drop Jakobi Meyers for him?

If this is a redraft league, I’d definitely drop Watson. No guarantee when he gets dealt, and no guarantee he won’t get put on the league exempt list if he does. As good as he is, any QB who is given a new playbook without any time to learn the offense is set up to struggle for at least a bit. And you’ve got Brady already, so even if he returns and he’s great, he’s not much better than Brady is right now.

I’d vote TY