Who to drop McCoy or Green?

AJ Green, LeSean McCoy? Mostert is floating out there on the waivers.

really either. aj green is going to be back at best when the playoffs start. which then its a huge risk even playing him. Mccoy was inactive so. whichever

I feel like Green is going to be back week 12 to get league minimum games in so that he can hit free agency next year since he doesn’t have a contract. So he will pay weeks 12-17 to get the 6 game min in.

i meant the fantasy playoffs. but even then you have your answer. hope for green and not even active for mccoy.

Green. He should have been dropped weeks ago. Will not play in 2019 - so says me.

McCoy will get work in a future game. Whether it’s fantasy worth is a different story.