Who to drop - - Mediocre TE edition

Which Tight End to drop

Ian thomas - Panthers

Kyle Rudolph - Vikings

Jordin Akins - Texans

Hey Kadders,

Obviously I dont know your league settings (ppr/halfppr), but if I am looking at keeping just 1, it would be Thomas. His ceiling is high, and has a good floor.

None of them will obviously win you a title, as I have Thomas ranked in the low teens and the other two not even ranked. I have to imagine that there will be someone else available in your league to grab and start.

Nice one thanks I have higbee and those three but want to drop one or two to make space for other positions :+1:

Keep Thomas and drop Rudolph and Akins. Thomas is in line for more opportunity now that Olsen is gone, Rudolph will still be fine this year but not sure after that especially with Irv Smith on roster. Akins flashed last year but Griffen is back and ahead on roster. No one wants Jets number 2 TE.

drop Akins, Rudolph still has some value while Irv smith is learning, and Ian Thomas should be great this year

choose between Thomas and Akins.

Rudolph and Irv Smith Jnr will be get a good share of targets with Thielen as the only proven WR on the roster. I can see both being borderline 500 yards each and a combined 6-8 TD’s.

Akins and Fells will be the top two TEs for the Texans this year, Fells more a low end TE1/High TE2 but Akins TD dependent and an Low End TE2/High End TE3 status. Fells will be good for 500-600 receiving yards and akins 300-350 yards (6 and 2 TD’s)

Ian Thomas will be sparingly used with DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, Robby Anderson. Add 120+ targets for CMC alone Ian Thomas is too high risk and wont be producing many TDS either with CMC and Moore getting redzone TD opportunities.