Who to drop (moving Doug back to active roster)

qb - Dalton (Stream)

rb: Gordon, CMC, Thompson, Breida, Michel, K.JohnsonA. Jones, R. Freeman

Wr: T. Hill, G. Tate, D. Baldwin, K. Cole

te: Kittle

K: Lutz

Dst: GB (Stream)

Ive been trying to target some TE upgrade but no one will bite. I also tried for some WR upgrades, again no one was interested. Ill probably drop Cole but id rather just upgrade a position with a 2 for 1 trade.

I’d do anything you can to avoid just dropping Cole. You are super thin at WR and he is Jax’s WR1. I think you’ve gotta hang on to him. If you end up being forced to drop someone and can’t get a trade done asap, then I’d actually drop A Jones. I don’t think you can afford to drop Cole.

Thin at wr, you think so huh? Explain cause i didnt figure i was that thin with tate and hill

edit: I should have mentioned scoring format:

1/2 ppr, 1/4 first down, 6 point pass td.

Your starters are strong. Thin in your WR depth. You have Cole and then that’s it. Unless your waivers is full of guys like Boyd and Ridley, I think it’s too risky to drop Cole when you have like 7 RB’s (all of whom are starters). I see A Jones having the least upside of any of your RB’s, so that’s why I say I’d drop him over any of the others. Cole also hasn’t had a chance to do show anything off yet. He could have a big game this week with Fournette back and being at home vs. Jets.

Yea i really like cole and i dont want to drop him. Doug baldwin is my wr2 (presumably) but im trying to bring him back from ir right now, and we only start 2 wrs. Its a 10 team league and im afraid to trade one of my rbs away and potentially create a super team by doing so

its qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te,1flex,k,def

Gotcha I was thinking 3 WR’s. I’d still hang on to Cole. I don’t think you are going to create a superteam by giving an opponent someone like A Jones or R Freeman…

The RB with the lowest floor is actually Breida with Jimmy G gone, but I like holding Breida unless you can use him in a trade.

Gotta keep in mind the possibility that Baldwin reinjures himself, too.

Yea I have that concern as well. (the re injury) in which case i would probably put him back into IR and grab another wr (probaby cole) from waivers (cause the rest of the league is low on him.)

As for Breida, i think hes got about an equal floor to the other low end gys i have, and a pretty high ceiling, last time beathard was the qb he pitched a bunch of short passes to Hyde boosting his floor and ceiling