Who to drop?! Need a QB but have no space

Lamar jackson is on bye this week and I want to stream stafford but I dont really want to drop anyone on my bench. Who is the least likely to bite me in the rear if I drop them to the waivers? (if it matters, joe mixon hit my waiver wire this morning so options are weird)

My current lineup/bench

Lamar jackson (obvious hold but on bye and need to stream a QB)
Chris Godwin (WR1)
Mike Evans (WR2)
Dj Chark (in Flex)
Chris Carson (RB1)
Sony Michel (RB2 and not very confident)
hunter Henry (TE)
Zuerlain (K)
San Fransisco (Def)

Zeke (on bench and bye)
Michael Gallup (on bench and bye)
Golden Tate (on bench)
Melvin Gordon (on bench)
LeSean McCoy (on bench)
Chase Edmonds (on bench)

I’ve been trying hard to package michel/gordon/mccoy/tate and even tried throwing them together with Evans or Chark to try to upgrade to a good WR and a small RB upgrade to open up some space for handcuffs but ive been moving up the ranks in me league and nobody wants to trade anymore.

If I had to pick one I would probably say Tate or Shady. Not a bad problem to have though!

Tate would be the drop if you can’t trade away for a Qb or something to have an open apot

League mates are determined not to trade with me… I been trying so many package deals. Even a lot that I frankly felt like I was getting the “worse deal” but it opened up some space on the lineup for me.

I offered Zeke, evans for Bell/Kupp - Denied
Zeke, Chark, Gordon for Bell/Thielan - Denied
Evans, Gordon, Tate for Keenan Allen - Denied
Evans, Chark, Gordon, McCoy for Thomas/Jacobs - Denied
McCoy/Gordon for Kyler Murray (owner has damian williams as his RB2… and has drew brees as his QB2. felt like this was a no brainer. - Denied

Am I just silly or is it safe to assume I just have to make the best of my current linup+Waivers?