Who to drop? Need a WR

Need to drop someone, to pick up a WR.
Also top options on waiver are
J Meyer, D Mooney or C Davis ?

I hate being in this position but if I were going to bite the bullet I would drop Claypool despite Juju gone. I wouldn’t go against NE so no Davis. Meyer definitely has the higher targets and is against the Jets. Mooney has looked as the reliable option for Fields against a team they are probably only going to be able to pass and/or play from behind in. Any other information I am missing could sway this either way WR are fickle.

I went Sanders in a similar situation over Claypool but given your RB depth I’d be tempted to go Pollard since Carson may return by the time Chuba loses relevance. I’d go Meyers before Mooney Davis of the waivers since Bill likes to take #1 target out of the plan.

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Agreed - drop Pollard, pickup Meyer or Mooney … ironically I am playing all 3 - Meyer, Mooney, and … gulp … Davis