Who to drop- need help please

Need a TE and need to drop someone

Miles Sanders
Lat Murray - not the Kamara owner
Royce Freeman


Bumping please

Could also drop Hooper

Do you have an IR spot? If so, move Hooper to the IR and that frees up a bench spot. If not, I’d drop Hooper personally. He’s out for at least 4 weeks… i’m betting they’ll put him on IR. Their season is lost, there’s no reason to bring him back for a game or two. But if you can move him to an IR spot you might as well.

No IR spot unfortunately

Only thing I don’t like is Falcons are saying 4 weeks is not what they believe.

Bumping please. Thanks

I am fine dropping hooper. There’s a good chance he doesn’t help you again unless you make it to the championship. You could also try to trade hooper to a playoff bound team with an extra TE. Or try to move Murray and something to the kamara owner. Either for another te or to free up a roster spot. Really depends on who is on waivers and if anybody in your league is holding two good tight ends


Have tried to move Murray to the Kamara owner but for some reason he doesn’t seem to want him. Only a handful in our league have 2 TE and if they do the 2nd one is not good plus there have only been 2 trades in our league both by me lol.

So drop Hooper over one of
R Freeman,Murray and Sanders?

I’d drop hooper over any of the rbs. First try packaging two of the rbs in a trade if your depth at rb is good. If hooper does come back early enough you try and pick him back up a week or two ahead of his potential return. This also depends on your record and if you need a wins to make the playoffs. If your locked in or close to it and can afford the bench spot then hooper may be worth keeping.


7-3 right now but Conner didn’t start me off to well. My roster is above but have to grab a TE either way.

I would drop Murray. He’s just a great handcuff and will probably still be available especially since the Kamara owner doesn’t seem interested in keeping handcuffs. Hooper could prove useful in the playoffs if he comes back as expected. Murray has no value unless Kamara is out.

True just hate dropping RB’ s :slight_smile:

Last minute advice appreciated

Last bump thanks

Murray is fully into ingrams old role at this point. I would not view him as a handcuff or drop him.

Thanks. Leaves me with Royce Freeman to drop as going to hold onto Hooper.