Who to drop, need kicker......... (didnt draft one)

got caught up in the queue, didnt scoop a kicker, struggling on who to drop.

fulll ppr, leaning mattison or jonnu (back up te)

chris thompson, anthony miller, jonnu, mattison, n’keal harry

others too, but starting here

Jonnu for sure.

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Depending on who you have at TE and RB, I would drop N’keal Harry. I have not heard good things about Ca’s passing this year.

Waller is main te

Saquon, ekeler, mostert are other rbs

Amari, Lockett, Landry, diontae Johnson

Jonnu probably getting the boot in the morning

My opinion, I would drop Harry with so many options in that passing offense. He has high upside and could blow up some weeks. The question is do you pick those weeks correctly, with your other options I would rather drop him and pick up a kicker. I might be alone in that though, he is a well liked WR with huge upside.

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Def have me thinking on Harry now, who do you think is gonna be getting the targets for the pats after Edelman?

Honestly, James White. I think Cam is done, he hasnt looked good during camp. Cam was also never a great passer, he was a runner which is why those short over the top passes to Edelman are good. I love Cam, he is amazing no denying that but I think he is done because of the path he took.

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I lean towards Harry myself.

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I’m seeing a lot of “Cam has looked bad in camp” comments… Personally I’ve only read glowing reports about Cam in recent weeks…

All that being said, I’ve read very little positive reports about Harry. By all accounts, he still looks slow, he still can’t run routes, and he’s still struggling with the playbook (option routes). The positives are tied to his heavy utilization in the endzone on 50/50 balls. He’s still very physical with very good hands. His fantasy value will definitely be tied to his TD totals, I can’t imagine he sees consistent enough targets to provide any kind of PPR floor.

I believe in the Jonnu breakout, but there’s always a chance the TE on a run first offense doesn’t pan out to be a PPR monster. I’d be willing to miss out on the chance for a volatile WR 3 for a potential TE breakout. If it doesn’t work out for Jonnu, you can always drop him early, I like going into the season with 2 TEs, but I never roster 2 for long.

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Sounds like Harry is consensus pick, appreciate all the feedback ballers!


Late to reply but I’m on Harry to get cut. Likely you’ve already done it, but figured another vote might help your mind some.

Good luck this season!

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