Who To Drop? QB Dilemma

Im in a 14 man league and QBs are slim. Would you drop any of these guys to pick up Daniel Jones?

QB: A Dalton
RB: D Cook, C Carson, D Singletary, R Penny, A Mattison
WR: D Adams, R Woods, J Gordon, T McLaurin, C Samuel, D Robinson

The obvious answer seems to be Mattison or Dalton. I know someone will pick Dalton up if i drop him because everyone rosters 2 QBs besides me. Mattison seems like the easy answer, but I feel like he’s such a valuable cuff at this point. Thoughts?

I’d drop Dalton. No need to roster 2 QB’s that are both streaming value as of now. You can always find someone on the waiver wire with a decent matchup that will be comparable to Dalton.

Normally i wouldn’t roster 2 QBs. The only reason id consider it in this league is because the wavier wire is slim pickings!

What about bundling a couple guys for a trade. you can do a 2-1 trade and still go get him if you need to. D.Adams and Mattison or PEnny and you could probably get you a QB from someone that’s got one on the bench. Or another top tier player and then youd have the open spot to go get Daniel Jones

Im working on a trade for R. Wilson. Fingers crossed it works out. Id have no problem parting ways with Penny or Mattison if they weren’t my handcuffs in a 14 man league :slight_smile: