Who to drop to pick up and stash Kittle

Kittle is still available in my league and i have gronk, ill post my team below. Should i drop anyone for him to stash and trade later.

Jay ajayi
dion lewis
Mark Ingram
Kerryon Johnson
Cory Clement

Quincy Enunwa
Larry Fitz
Doug B
Devin Funchess
John Brown


I wouldn’t drop any of those to pick Kittle up

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Yea that’s sadly where i sit as well. I just hate seeing him sit there.

I have considered trying to move gronk in this league but the teams that are in trouble at the TE position aren’t willing to give what he is really worth.

This is tough, but yeah, you should probably keep all those guys. Plus, the fact that no one who needs a TE has opted to pick Kittle up yet shows what he’s worth in your league at this moment. I’d also have a tough time with him just sitting there like you are, though. Keep a close eye on the situation obviously.

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If I absolutely had to do this right now or never, just for a hypothetical, I’d drop Kerryon.

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Yea I guess I’m just gonna have to watch someone else get that good value

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