Who to drop to pick up Ekeler? If anyone

I have #1 waiver priority but feel I am flush with RBs. Do I drop any of these to grab Ekeler? L. McCoy, Gio (handcuff for Mixon), Gus Edwards, T. Coleman. Starters are D. Johnson, Mixon, D. Cook. 10 team PPR.

Damn. I don’t know if you really need him.
I guess maybe McCoy. He’s still the only weapon there but doesn’t really produce.

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I guess I’d be playing keep away…but then giving up Shady who’s schedule looks pretty good.

I would have to sit tight on that, Ekeler really hasn’t done much in a lead back role. If you’re going to pick him up, I’d drop Gio, but i’d really rather have him than Ekeler.

Right…oh! I didn’t see PPR.
What’s the status of Collins? I haven’t looked into it but if he’s returning than maybe Gus.
If not Gio but I would be afraid to give up the handcuff.
I let go of Yeldon and now I regret it.

Haha.- the most wishy washy answer of all time. Sorry.
I wouldn’t pick him up.

There is no point holding on to #1 priority at this point. GIven Gordon has a sprained MCL, Ekeler 100% must be owned and honestly might even start for you over Dalvin Cook if Gordon is out. If for nothing else, then to play keepaway from the GOrdon owner if he is in playoff contention.

I would 100% rather own Ekeler than Coleman right now. I have zero confidence in starting coleman on any given week. He has routinely been a TD or bust guy. Let someone else deal with that headache. Falcons are a pass first and frankly, pass only offense right now given how their D is playing.

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I would drop Gio, he’s a handcuff. Ekeler is in for two weeks.

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Ha, yeah listen to Mike!

He can’t drop gio. He owns Mixon lol. Going into playoffs, you handcuff your starters. ANd we’ve seen Gio is an RB1/2 when Mixon is out. At this point, you own handcuffs instead of depth. Coleman is a depth play who will never start on his team. Gio is immediately a starter if Mixon goes down. He has already been on injury report for the same knee he had surgery on earlier this year. Dropping Gio would be foolish.