Who to Drop - Watkins or Collins?

Standard league, starting 2 RBs and 3 WRs (no flex), should I drop Alex Collins or Sammy Watkins

Current WRs: Demarius, Theilen, Funchess, Kearse, E. Sanders (and Watkins)
Current RBs: Ingram, Fournette, Gore, Marlon Mack (and Collins)

Only dropping one to pick up a DST - I have the Jags on the bye

You can drop collins. He is soooo sooo meh. You will never trade him or play him. Sammy at least has trade value.

I would (and did) drop Sammy. he just isnt getting anything. but if you can trade him for a defense that is your best option. Collins is basically a stash right now, but so is Sammy. i would rather have an RB working up stashed than a WR trending down.

That is where I am leaning too (dropping Watkins). And, if I want to, I can probably pick up him up next week for nothing once I can drop my back up defense

yup. i dropped him about 3 weeks ago. he is still there.

Who did you drop? I dropped Alex Collins this week after owning him for 4, obviously he has a breakout game.

I dropped Watkins and boy am I happy about that. I bet I can get Watkins back after waivers (if I want him) since he is on bye this wekk