Who to Flex? Coleman or Lindsay?

Hey fellas, is that time of the week again lol
Need to choose 1 flex in 0.5ppr:
Tevin coleman vs panthers
Phillip Lindsay @ colts
Devin Singletary vs eagles
Alexander mattison vs redskins(i have dalvin cook)
DeSean Jackson @ bills (he probably wont play this week)
Emmanuel Sanders vs Panthers (dont know if he starts this week, and if he does, how limited will he be?)

Thanks fellas

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The famous bump

Tough call here it would be between Lindsay, Coleman and Singletary. I would probably lean toward Lindsay. I think they’ll be running a lot against the Colts after Flacco’s performance last week. Shannahan plays the hot hand and Coleman is not a sure thing. I would wait another week to see if Singletary’s usage continues to increase.

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Singletary got 7 touches against the dolphins… so you can remove him from the conversation


Niners fan bias, but Coleman is our #1 guy, he’s getting most of the touches. Even if he only gets 15 touches tho, we’ve seen his ability to take off, and he’ll get plenty of pass looks too. Last week his numbers were low due to the sloshfest, any RB would be.
Expect SF to do what we’ve done all season: control the clock. We’re the strongest defense Allen has faced, it’s at home, and our front seven will be tough even for CMC.

Colts have a good defense, and Denver is so bad on offense. They’ll focus on shutting down the run to force Flacco to throw, and losing Sanders only weakens their air game, meaning IND will be able to focus even more on Lindsey.


Your only two realistic options for production here are Singletary or Sanders.

BUF wants Singletary to have the job. I love Frank. We all do. And whether it works or not they’ll get Singletary involved. It only makes sense. They immediately deactivated Yeldon. Josh Allen’s been getting it done. They wanted to ease him in last week with the low touches but that will undoubtedly changes soon. He’s young dynamic, and healthy

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Manny is going into a situation with familiar verbage and a creative coach. Last week was a slosh fest. They need his presence and production. It’ll lift the others as well

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Do you think he plays this week and gets enough passes to be relevant? New system, new coach, new qb and playbook…

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Right, but he should play immediately. There is some familiarity in SF. I’m not saying he’ll set the world on fire. But I think he’ll be asked to contribute right away. From the outside, except for his size he’s exactly what they need. They’ve tried everything to get more out of those receivers they have. He may be undervalued. In Pittsburgh I knew he’d be good when he went to DEN. He was. Now Jimmy G is no Peyton but, it was a seamless transition for him. He’s not any younger, but he’s definitely more wise and still able to bounce back from injury.

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