Who to flex: Drake or Crowell?

. 5 ppr and really need a win. I have drake in for now as the bears scare me against Crowell, but he is getting the workload now. Any insight would be appreciated greatly thanks!

Very hard to tell, I would lean Crowell as the load is guaranteed… but even with this he may perform poorly.

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what other receivers do you have avaliable? dont necessarily need to flex rb if you have a good one to use

I’d play kupp, but he’s obviously still out. Other than that I just have Christian kirk. Baldwin and Antonio are my main receivers.

Dealing with the same exact challenge this week. I’m going with Drake just because he’s going to be playing some WR and because the rushing D of the Bears is tough against Crowell.

That was my thinking as well so I’ll probably stay with you on that and wait/see what The Crow does with a full workload against a good D. If he produces I’ll have more trust moving forward. For now, hopefully Drake will rake in those catches and a TD!