Who to Flex? James Conner, JuJu or Jamaal Williams

I am starting Stefon Diggs, TY Hilton, Zeke and Dalvin Cook. Who should I flex, James Conner, JuJu or Jamaal Williams? Standard league. Or Bench TY for Juju and Flex one of the RBs?

personally, i start jamaal over cook and flex juju over cook

Zeke / Dalvin
TY / Diggs


This is absurd. Start Cook lol. Heavy home favorites against what is a sub-par run D at best.

In terms of other players, I’d rank as follows:

Williams > JuJu > Conner.

Cleveland’s run D is top 5 in the league, has been since last year. And when steelers don’t have bell, Big Ben tosses the rock a tonne. JuJu is going to eat.

think it’s way too even of a time share with him and latavius in his first game back and perhaps a chance of even siiting him if its a blow out and just ride murray to protect cook’s leg. all of it being even just a slight slight chance worries me and i want the guaranteed work where i think itll be a shootout between pit and cle because both secondaries are average, and williams i think has the guaranteed workload, i dont buy ty mont being an impact on him.

Is this a joke? Did they “protect” AP’s leg when he returned from ACL? ACL tears just aren’t what they used to be. Stop living in the 1990s man. Its the 21st century. Get with the times.

And this means what for the running game? A shoot out means its a passing attack. I totally agree with you there. Without Bell, Ben passes the rock a tonne. Which makes even more sense given how good Cleveland’s run d vs their pass d. What you said here doesn’t mean Conner will be a work horse lol. Just goes further to the point you should start both JuJu and Williams over conner.

talking about juju

and thinking they’d ride a 2nd year player with a productive back in latavius is thinking 1990s esque man don’t really get that logic lol and i was talking about starting williams and juju and sitting cook in this scenario with this roster and these matchups.

Who said anything about riding him into the ground? 20 touches between carries and catches is pretty reasonable for a 65/35 split which is likely what it will be. Cook is the most talented back. They are going to use him. They won’t give him 30+ touches like they did last season but I’ll take 20 touches on a team that’s favored by a TD with home field advantage. It’s just the easiest play available. Murray is a serviceable back. He’ll vulture some TDs, no arguments there, but cook will get more than enough yards/receptions to out produce both conner / juju. He has a higher floor, and a higher ceiling, it’s not rocket science. I don’t even understand how this is a debate. It’s actually a joke.

i think you need to reread what i said. i said if the game is a blowout, even if there’s a chance they sit Cook to protect him (which is a 21st century thought process) in game one of the season, it worries me compared to the other options in this lineup. that is my opinion and i feel strongly enough about it to comment on it. i dont think cook is a bad play this week, but personally i lean over the more guaranteed work and less chance of risk, and to me, that is jamaal and juju in this scenario. it’s quite simple. cheers.

In order for them to sit him, they would have to literally blow them out of the game (i.e. by 3 TDs or more). And even then, they wouldn’t sit him till at least the 4th quarter by which point, if they are actually BLOWING them out, Cook would’ve had a couple looks at the end zone and probably scored already.

Vikings are heavy favorites at home, but not so favorited to the point where they are going to start benching starters in week 1 of the season. Its still a shannahan led offence with Jimmy G who let’s not forget, beat the Jaguars last year to end the season. Zimmer isn’t a coach that is going to under estimate his opponents like that. Contrary to what you think, coaches are less likely to rest players in week 1 than they are later on the season when they are up (i.e. once playoffs are locked up) so I’m not sure what you’re saying even makes sense. Unless they’re up like 24-0 with like 5 mins left in the 4th quarter, Vikings aren’t going to start benching their best players. That’s ridiculous.

If you lean towards more guaranteed work, then you should favor cook. His touches are more guaranteed than JuJu. Hell even Conner’s touches are more guaranteed than JuJu. I just think both Cook and JuJu’s touches will be more valuable than Conners given how good the browns run D is.

Well…this escalated quickly, huh?

I’m with Mike on this one.

Don’t over think it, especially in week 1.

Week 1? Ya start em like ya drafted em.

Thanks for all the comments. Jamaal it is for now.

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