Who to flex Kerryon or Agholor?

.5 ppr:

Kerryon Johnson or Nelson Agholor…im already up 65 to 9, so probably want the safer floor huh? He does have Mahomes going on Monday night however among Saquon, Conner, Michael Thomas, and other good players so I def don’t have this in the bag. Please help!

I’d play Kerryon. Agholor seems more hit or miss to me (higher probability of a miss based on last week). With Kerryon’s good game last week, hopefully they’ll give him the ball more in a game where they could be grinding it out.


With wentz back NA scares me

I like Kerryon better here. Dallas isn’t as good at stopping the run as the Giants made them look. The G-men have a terrible o-line.

I don’t think wentz’s return is the reason for agholor being the less attractive option here, though. I just think this game sets up to be low scoring.

I do think Alshon’s return and Godaert’s effectiveness eat in to Agholor’s totals. I also expect the eagles to try grinding it with Ajayi back.

Thank you all and KJ it is! Let’s see another 100 yd game and/or a TD!