Who to flex McLaurin or lindsay

Hey everyone…I keep going back and forth on who to flex. Wasn’t sure if I should go with terry McLaurin or Phillip Lindsay. I’m in. 0.5 ppr and am predicted to be pretty even with my opponent. Thanks

I like Lindsay, but by a thin margin. I am playing McLaurin in my Dynasty league but that’s because Josh Jacob’s and TY Hilton are on Bye. McLaurin will most likely be shadowed by Xavier Rhodes, who has definitely been burned more than a few times this season but on the Redskins who else does Miami have to worry about? AP who’s gonna average 1.6 yards per carry? Paul Dropsalot? No. So McLaurin will have to make something out of limited opportunities. Lindsay on the other hand runs outside just as well as he does inside and the Titans are susceptible to outside runs. Plus, Lindsay is used in the passing game so he’ll get between 3 and 6 targets. One of those could be a long catch and run because Lindsay’s specialty is forcing missed tackles. So in my opinion the scales tip towards Lindsay. Hope that shed some light for you.

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I think you persuaded me to use Lindsay…that was really helpful. Thanks

No prob bud. Good luck.

PPR I would lean Scary Terry.

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Xavier Rhodes doesn’t play for Miami dude…