Who to Flex? Mike Williams, R.Penny, or D.K. Metcalf

Half Point PPR . Im in the playoffs. Struggling who to play for my flex spot. D.K. Metcalf, Mike Williams or Rashad Penny? I have Gabriel Davis as well… Devante Parker vs Jets and Marvin Jones Jr vs Texans is in the waivers.

My team.

QB - K.Murray vs Lions
RB- J.Mixon vs Broncos
RB- N.Chubb vs Raiders
WR- M.Evans vs Saints
WR- D. Mooney vs Vikings
TE- M.Kesicki vs Jets
Flex- Mike Williams vs Chiefs? R.Penny vs Rams? D.K. Metcalf vs Rams or Gabriel Davis vs Panthers?

K- N.Folk vs Colts or G.Zurlein vs Giants
Defense - Cardinals vs Lions

I do have James Conner but he got injured and its in the air if he plays vs Lions and also Chase Edmands comes back. So they might go easy on him if he still plays. Problem is that Mike Williams plays tomorrow night and its also in the air with a heel injury so who knows.

If Conner plays, he is in regardless if Edmonds is back.

In choosing between the others, I personally lean Penny. LAR run defense may not give up toms of rush yds, but they do give up rush TDs.

Lockett is out now. In a must win for Seattle and no Lockett, how is Metcalf not the choice? However we now have the same situation with Davante Parker because Waddle is out with Covid too. I would pick up Parker regardless of if you choose to play him or not because his playoff schedule is nice.

I just picked up Parker, now his more tempting to play because it’s the Jets he is going against. Though, I already have Mike Gesicki as my TE… should I really have 2 players from the same team on my starting line up?hmm.

Russell Wilson worries me, his been bad and Metcalf has been bad and mind you it’s the RAMS his going against. That’s a red flag. Don’t see it happening.

I don’t see why it would be a bad thing. Normally teams just run the ball down the jets throat but all the Miami RBs are out too. I seriously doubt they pound the rock with Duke Johnson.

Overall I’m hoping James Conner becomes available for Sunday. That’s my #1 pick for flex.