Who to FLEX? - PPR

Morris vs Lions
Pettis vs Lions
Ginn vs Browns

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Now who would you chosen Clement-TB or Westbrook-NE??

I like Pettis. He flashed last week after Goodwin went out. Goodwin is out and Dante is getting his first start going up against the guy that Enunwa abused last week. I don’t think Ginn is a bad choice either though.

I’ve been trying to decide between Morris and breida, but Crowell did damage on the ground last week. So I think Alf Morris is a good bet for 65yds and a td. But I think gin goes 5 catches 75 yds and a possible td.

Lol so thats,

Pettis - 1
Morris - 1
Ginn - 1

need some tiebreakers.
since it’s PPR, im guessing it would be between Pettis and Ginn though.

Pettis, could be a good one with how bad the lions looked last week.

Help with mine please

Ginn for sure

Pettis will draw the guy that Enunwa went off on last week.