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Who to give for bell?

Who would you guys offer for bell? The owner is hurting real bad right now and is desperate at all positions.
3 WR start 2 RB

QB- murrey, rodgers
WR - Godwin, julio, boyd, adams, anderson
rb - carson, penny, kerryon, brieda, coleman, sanders
TE- waller

his team
qb- watson, ryan
WR- Odell, mclaurin, sanu, autum tate
rb- bell, montgomery, edmonds
TE Henry, Engram

I would try selling Carson/Coleman/Boyd for Bell/OBJ.

Not sure, that’s a tough one. But definitely grab Bell if he is desperate.

I think that 100% helps him out alot but he wont do that even tho its a top 15 WR, RB1, RB2