Who to hold on your roster

Justice Hill or Dk Metcalf.

Thinking about dropping hill for Metcalf half point ppr. What say you?

Im not sure on metcalf yet, he could be insane or he could be a complete bust, the risk is high but the reward is even higher

My thought is because my backs are Chris Carson, Zeke, Sonnt Michel, Mike’s Sanders and Latavius Murray, I feel like it’d do me better to hold Metcalf to see what he’s got since my wr core is weaker

if thats your RB group then, ya take the risk

That’s kinda what I was thinking! Thanks!

I can see taking a shot on Metcalf since he’s basically free here but do you really want the WR2 for a team where the QB was completing less than 15 passes in multiple games last year?