Who To Keep?! 12 team keeper league

Hey, FootClan!

Hoping to get some insight on my keeper choice for the upcoming season. Draft is on Saturday and draft order hasn’t been selected yet. 12 team league.

We are a .5 PPR league and we’re only able to keep one player. If a player is picked up off of waivers, you keep them at the 8th round.

Here are my best options:

Devonta Freeman - 8 (got him off waivers)
Cooper Kupp - 8
Kelce - 4
Chris Carson - 6

I feel like Freeman is my best choice, but would love any feedback!

Thanks, y’all!

All those guys are great keepers.

I go Kelce simply to dominate at TE. Especially for a fourth.

For real though, any decision you make you’re helping your team.

I like the upside of Freeman and that value is great, but he has such a injury risk with him. If I knew he would play at least 13 games then I would def say Freeman, but he burnt me bad last season. So I would go with Kelce In the 4th.

Awesome - thanks, man! I feel the same way. All great options.

Totally makes sense - the value is making me loose sight of his injury history. Thanks for the feedback!

I like Kelce or Carson. Kelce is going to beast again even if Mahomes regresses and Carson seems primed to be the workhorse on a team that loves to run the ball. But of those two, I’d go Kelce. You’re getting an early second round pick for a fourth. If he was healthy, Freeman would probably having the highest gain keeping him in round 8 but I have concerns about his durability. I have similar concerns with Kupp. Best of luck!

Great feedback - thank you, sir! Best of luck to you as well.