Who to keep? 3 keepers

Can keep 3 (0.5 ppt, 12 team). Will be able to keep 3 players for next 2 years at these round values:

  • Calvin Ridley — 3rd round value
  • D’Andre Swift — 4th round value
  • Justin Jefferson — 7th round value
  • Brandon Aiyuk — 11th round value
  • TJ Hockenson — 14th round value (not Te premium so not really considering him, but including nonetheless)

3 keepers - thanks

There you go.

I think Jefferson and Aiyuk are the locks. If you side with Jason and lean toward a Hock breakout, that’s a really good value.

No it’s not. You could draft a Gesicki or an Engram in the 13th/14th round and lose maybe one point per week, if that.

Ridley is a 2nd round value, and while getting him for a 3rd isn’t huge, it’s still a solid WR1 for your team ahead of Jefferson and Aiyuk.

Depends on who you think you will get in the 3rd and depends on who you think will perform better. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/adp/half-point-ppr-overall.php

Maybe you can get Terry McLaurin or CeeDee Lamb. So McLaurin + Hockenson vs. Ridley + Gesicki. You’ll have GMs pick either side of that.