Who to keep and overall draft strategy

Hey guys! I’ve been listening to the podcast for a couple of years now, and I just recently joined the #FootClan! I’m going into an 8 team, second-year, 1/2 PPR, Superflex league with 3 keepers. I think I have a couple of good value players, but I am curious for any input. Here are my options:
OBJ with a 6th
Diggs with 9th
Swift with 10th
Dobbins with 10th
James White with 11th
Deebo Samuel with 11th
Cam Newton with 12th
Chris Thompson with 12th
Jonnu Smith with 12th

My thoughts are Diggs, Swift, and Dobbins (I’ve already traded for an extra 10th round pick, so I’m able to keep both).

Also, last year I was out of playoff contention early, so I traded some of my players to get picks. I have 8 of the first 40 picks ( 1-3, 2-2, 3-5, 3-7, 4-6, 4-8, 5-1, 5-8), and 3 12ths. I’m probably going to get Kamara at 3 based on everyone else’s first-round keepers, but I’m unsure which direction to go after that. Would you guys consider trading some of my early-round picks to get some extra midround value picks? Also, the big 3 TE’s are taken arleady. Thanks in advanced!

Every team is stacked in an 8 team league, so I wouldn’t fret too much over draft picks.

Keep Diggs, Dobbins and Swift.

Yeah those are who I was planning on keeping. One issue I have is I don’t have any picks in the last 3 rounds, but I have 3 12th round picks. I was wondering if it’d be worth it to trade 2 of my 12s or a 12 and 8 for a 15 and 8 (or similar)
One trade I was considering offering someone is my 5th, 12th, 12th for their 7th, 8th, 14th

Why are you trying to trade down? Trade a 12 and 8 for a 15 and 8? Maybe give them a $20 bill on top to sweeten the deal?

Oh no, you don’t have any picks in the last 3 rounds??? How will you ever be able to secure Jake Funk???

Haha XD this guy doesn’t have a 2nd or 4th, and he decided to keep mahomes with his 1st and kittle with his third, so he’s screwed lol
I just figured I have 2 5ths, so I could maybe get more value with a 7th and 8th, especially with looking at keepers for next year, than just a 5th
I don’t want to waste a 12th round pick on a defense. Maybe I could target Thomas and throw him in my IR spot right away to pick up a defense

You could do that, but if you’ve traded up to where your last pick in the draft is your 12th rounder, then what’s wrong with using it on a defense? You’ll probly just have your pick of New England, the Rams, or Washington. I sure wouldn’t trade DOWN to worse picks just so you won’t feel so bad about taking a D early.

I wouldn’t just trade down, I’d use that to be able to get more mid-round value. Basically: 12 and 12 for 14 and 8, so I’d improve one of my 12s to an 8 and use the 14 to get a defense that I was going to use a 12 on anyways

Fine, but you said…

That’s just losing three rounds on one pick and staying the same on the other.

Oops! Yeah, that was a typo XD I’d never make that trade. That’s stupid lol