Who to keep? Demaryius or Josh Gordon

NonPPR league with 2 keepers:

Zeke and either Demaryius or Josh Gordon.

Do they cost you rounds or anything? League format? Rest of roster? without knowing this… I think Gordon has the higher upside (debatable) but DT is definitely safer. I’d probably go with DT. Mostly because you don’t know what will happen with Gordon’s treatment and he’s on the Brown’s with a lot of new mouths to feed. Denver got better at QB which is where they had the biggest need.

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Flash is the only player w/back to back games of 200 yards receiving. If not now, than it’s never for Gordo. He looked good in limited time last year w/a horrible QB. This recent news scares us as always, but if he rejoins the team w/in a week or two (we are assuming) at training camp, he’s got way more upside than Thomas.

FLASH is 27 y/o
DT is 30y/o

Can we have some more info? Keeper penalty? Auction? League size?