Who to Keep for next year!?

Seeing how I always find RB more valueble I’m leaning toward keeping Melvin any though

I haven’t played in a keeper league, but I’m thinking of switching my league over next year. Do you keep a player in lieu of the round you drafted him in? And do you only keep one?

Nope keeper is always your first Round … then the draft starts Round 2 … if you chose not to keep a player your get too pick someone in then Keeper Round first

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Im hesitating between adams and gordon. Close call

I should aslo mention I don’t have a 3rd round pick cause I traded it for AB !!!

I was thinking about Adams a little bit but man RBS are tough to come by

Yeah…as @ukridge said, I’ve never done a KEEPER either. I do know that your “keeper” is the same as your TOP PIC (round 1), but…just curious how the rest of it works. Since you traded your 3rd round for AB, does that mean that the previous AB owner gets two pics back to back in that round? Yours and theirs?

Also…yeah…I’d prob lean towards Dav Adams if you choose not to go with Gordon. But…wow…great team!!! :yum:

I see you’re a fan of the flaming thumbtacks. I live in the Boro so assume you may also be in the area.

About keepers, some leagues allow them to keep 2-3 players. So would that mean those are their first 2-3 round picks? And I’ve heard questions like, “Do I keep Melvin Gordon in the first or Kelce in the 3rd?” which makes me think that in some leagues they can keep a player in the round they were drafted. That’s how I thought it usually works, but apparently not.

Some leagues may have it set up different but our league is the first round is the Keeper Round if you keep a guy you wait till round 2 for your actual first pick and if you chose not to KEEP a player you get to picks in the first round

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And thanks man I had a solid team I thought too except lost in the Finals 106-100 thanks to AB being a clown and getting benched and Devante was hurt which sucked badddd

Yeah @Krieser86. I had Dav Adams too and played Lockett over him. Could have started Josh Reynolds, but…still would have lost by 16 pts. Oh well. At least made it to the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. I’m ok with that. :slightly_smiling_face:

What did Ricky Bobby day “if your not first your last!!” LOLOL 2nd succkkss bit I’ll get over it