Who to keep. help!

So I am in a 10 team league
Action budget $200
Roster -1QB,2RB, 3WR,1TE,1 Flex 6 bench
Keep: 0-3 players

RB Cook ($26)
RB K. Johnson ($18)

WR Evans ($43)
RB Ingram ($13)
WR Allen ($47)
WR Fitz ($25)
QB Newton ($9)

Those are my possible keepers. Thinking I should def do cook he is like a $10 value . Then kerryon is the next possible keeper as he is like $1-$3 value so not much of a value but still a tiny bit

Keepers have NOT been turned in but if I’m guessing I think
1 top 10RB(CMC)
2 top 10 WR(Hopkins and juju)
1 top 3TE (Ertz)

Are all being kept by other owners. So the draft will have lost of big hitters still available which usually isn’t usually the case so I think I might want to take as much money into the draft as I can.

So if you could keep 0-3 players who would they be? Or would you keep no one and just go into the draft with $200


I would keep both Cooks & Kerryon…Will give you solid basis for your line up and still leave you with $158. Going into the keeper draft where you can keep 3 players your pool will be very limited so keeping no one will be huge risk. I would also add if you believe in Winston/Arians then Evans for $43 is a decent value as well because if he enters the pool chances are he goes for much higher amount with the limited amount of keepers on the board.

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Thanks for the advice