Who to keep Hopkins, Thielen, or Ertz

I’m in a PPR 10 team 2 person keeper league. It’s an auction draft with a $200 budget. I’m stuck on who to keep.
D Hopkins - $29
A Thielen - $2
Z Ertz - $3
Any advice?

A few questions:

A. What do you estimate Hopkins would cost in the auction?

B. How many other “1st round talent” will be available in the auction? Is Hopkins your only chance at a “1st rounder”?

C. What do you expect Ertz to go for in your league? Is Kelce, Gronk, and Olson gonna be available? Kyle Rudolph? If you can get Rudolph for $3-4, I would not worry about Ertz.

D. If you can keep two of these, than I say Hopkins and Theilen. Hopkins is set to chllange brown for number one at WR this year. Plus, last year he was super consistent each week.

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I think Theilen is a no brainer. Hopkins at a little less than 15% of budget seems reasonable, if not leaving a ton of value, but I’d like answers to the above as well before I can say for sure.


If possible trade one of the three players since they all have value. Otherwise it’s a tough call. Hard to not keep a 1st rounder like Hopkins even tho the price is much steeper. Thielen seems like better value than ertz although both are solid value

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Keep Hopkins and Thielen.

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I agree with @flad if you can trade, try to trade one of them. All of them have great value but I would stick with Thielen and Hopkins. I will be honest, I rarely go for a top TE so maybe I am being biased. If I were to rank who I would keep it would be Thielen, Hopkins, Ertz.

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  1. Hopkins would probably go for $50-55, I think.
  2. I would say there is about 6 first rounders left.
  3. I believe all the TE’s will be available.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely appreciate it!