Who to keep: Kamara or Kittle

Hi guys, we’re starting to do a keeper league this year, starting with 1 player this year then 3 next year. I’m new to keepers/where to get best value so wanted your guys’ take on keeping Kamara vs Kittle. We do 2 round penalty, so Kamara would be my 1st round pick or Kittle would be my 9th round pick. I know Kittle represents solid value but it’s 1 TE vs 2 RB starting slots. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated thanks!

I’d keep Kamara

I’d keep Kamara but little in 9 is good value.

Do you know where you’d be drafting in the 1st? If by some chance you had the top pick you could keep little then draft Kamara 1OA (since I assume the other “top 4” are going to be kept)

Yeah that’s true, maybe I can get lucky and get top pick (haven’t figured out draft positions yet so we’ll see)

If you can get positions before you have to choose, that would definitely help. If not, I would keep Kamara. I like Kittle an awful lot, and he is tempting in the 9th. That is insane value. It would also matter who is keeping what other players. Do you know who other teams are keeping?

I would keep Kamara if you have no other information to base thoughts / strategies off of and be completely happy!

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