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Who to keep? Need 1 out of 4



Adam Thielen is my other keeper for my 10th round pick. Which of these four do I keep as my 2nd and final keeper?

Mark Ingram - Keeper for my 12th round pick
Even Engram - Keeper for my 14th round pick
Kenyan Drake - Keeper for my 14th round pick
Allen Robinson - Keeper for my 14th round pick

I’m leaning Robinson to pair with Thielen, and then just go RB heavy in the first three rounds.



I would probably agree with you especially given the value there. I think you could also make a strong argument for Engram if you are a believer. Reasonable/consistent TE’s are a rarity in the league and while he’s unproven, you should prob have a TE plan if you’re not keeping him.


I would definitely keep Allen Robinson. He’ll be 100% for training camp (he participated in OTA’s lightly) and will be the main target for Trubisky. He’s got the talent and the volume will be there, so his upside is tremendous


Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I feel like I have to go WR since they are the same value. Maybe get lucky on a late round TE that clicks.


Yeah I’m pretty sure Robinson is the way to go. Hopefully he can click with Mitch and get close to his 1400 yard form.


Robinson without question!


Robinson for me as well. I spend some time stating out projections for Engram in an effort to prove the FFBallers wrong, and ended up proving their point. Engram in the 14th is a value, but not a great one. Robinson will have enough targets that he is a pretty safe WR.