Who to keep out of this mess

I need to keep 3 out of these awful choices.

QB Wentz and Wilson
RB Hunt(Keeper), Martin, Mckinnon, James White
WR Allen Robinson, Jeffery, D Thomas, D Parker
TE Clay, Hunter

My initial thoughts as Hunt and Jeffery with maybe Wentz as well. The scoring in this league is very weird, but close to standard scoring, just a little lower normally. Any ideas?

Yeah I probably go Hunt, Jeffry and one of your QBs.

I was pretty set on Wentz until the knee injury, idk now

yeah thats the only thing making me lean towards Wilson. Wilson is the higher ranked Dynasty asset. Either way i think you will have a good QB next year

I dont know if there is a guarantee that Wentz is back for the start of the season.

When do you have to decide by? Denver is definitely trading for or trying to draft a new QB, so Thomas could be a stud again.

Wilson, Hunt, Jeffery. You could also keep both QBs and use as trade bait if he’s healthy

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I like the idea of trading Wentz and Jeffery for a better WR… then your keepers would be Hunt, Wilson and that better WR

I have until the day of the draft to decide which is always the week of the NFL start so plenty of time.

Depends how your keeper system is, if you lose the pick you drafted them (aka you drafted Hunt in the 4th he is your 4th round pick again) then it changes things a bit.

From who in general I would want on my team for next year…

Wilson Hunt with it being pretty close to standard I would take Thomas too.

Robinson could make an interesting case for himself as well, if Smith or cousins goes there. But hunt, for sure, and Wilson if I’m taking a QB. They were so close this year anyway, the safety of not having to worry about wentz injury is too nice. Usually I don’t consider QBs in keepers, but you do have a lot of trash there. Thomas does make an interesting case as well depending on what the Broncos do. So hunt, Robinson, Jeffery, or Thomas for the other 2. It’s nothing to get too excited about, but you have some decent wr2s there, that have potential wr1 upside. Just so many QB questions for them.

No draft picks lost at all and I have first pick for the draft next year which means either I get the best rookie or another solid players. I’m 100% fine with not keeping a QB at all as there is always some QBs there to draft and players like Goff, Jimmy G, and several others will be available. Robinson is very tempting as I had high hopes for him this year and they don’t really have any WR that are near his level, but Westbrook seems to be in favor there and Lee is still there as well. Does any of that worry you?

So really Hunt is the only for sure keeper from what everyone is saying. I took this team over last year and got Hunt, but my draft had a rough go of it so I’m trying to really rebuild this year. I’m all for high upside and lower floor and see if I hit…

Not so much. Depending on who lands there at QB at least. Top talent always gets the ball. And with fournette in they will have to lessen his coverage to guard fournette. If bortles stays im happy with Robinson. If Smith gets there, I’m happy too. Cousins will give him the most upside, but also the lowest floor. Cousins is the only one of them that spreads the ball around a lot. Which is great for a QB, bad for fantasy. Your hope is that Smith goes there and then just hyper focuses him. Because that’s what Smith does. Stare down his first read, feels some pressure, and bails.

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Def Wentz/Hunt/Jeffrey. Top RB and a solid QB/WR stack in an emerging offense.

If the decision is a tough one, I’d take a look at what 3 guys you bet each of the other teams will be keeping. Just write 'em down, and keep the players separated by position. Could be (for example) that an inordinate amount of WRs will be kept… in which case, guys like Alshon and Demaryius will have even more value.

I usually do this in any keeper league just to see what kind of positional scarcity there’ll be in the draft… which can then help tie break my keeper decisions.

I def do that. Most everyone keeps 1 QB so QBs don’t get taken very early at all. RB like any league are a premium. Just for an idea I got Alshon in what would have been the 5th round and Robinson in the 6th and Thomas in the 7th last year

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