Who to keep ROS? Trade deadline this week!

Most of my major byes have come and gone. I’m going to finish this week in 3rd place. Trying to make a push for 1st and have plenty of depth pieces that I’d like to flip for someone more steady. So who from this group do you like best ROS and who should I try and move?

10 team PPR

QB - Murray
RBs - Kamara, Chubb, CEH, Gibson, Latavius (insurance)
WRs - ARob, Lockett, Woods, Corey Davis, Jakobi, Deebo
TE - Fant (need to upgrade!)

Any thoughts on how to improve on this depth? Thanks!

I’d like to snag a set-it-and-forget WR, like one of the Falcons WRs. Both the Calvin and Julio owners are very RB-deficient. Thinking of offering Lockett and one of my RBs, maybe Gibson or CEH.

Does this seem fair? Open to any other suggestions.

Ah I think they should just give you the championship now. I know Lockett can have lower floor games but Robinson with that schedule and Lockett- I’d be okay. Especially when you have Murray and those nasty RBs. Ooof! I have Fant too and I don’t know if I’m getting stuck in the “he’s a top talent - gotta play him” trap. If you can get Kelce…maybe upgrade but I seriously think your team is fine. More than fine.

…Irv Smith Jr. I think that kid still has potential to break out. He’s battling injury right now but could come back and get all the goal line work when everyone tries to stop Cook.

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Thanks for the reply! I feel pretty decent about my team too. I guess the reason for my post was just to see if it was even worth trying to improve. Obviously it’s not super necessary, but I have so much depth just sitting on my bench, I feel like I should try and take advantage. Plus having so many decent options makes it tough who to start and who to bench each week! (for example, Gibson was on my bench yesterday!)

Honestly, Im at the point where the TE position is such a crapshoot that I am just going to roll with Fant knowing that unless I’m facing Kelce, its going to be about equal.

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That’s a good point.

I was fine rolling with Fant – got off to a good start, seemed to be getting tons of targets. But that Bronco offense and Lock just seem brutal.

But you’re right about the TE wasteland.

But it’s there when you need it.
This year, I’m learning to trust rankings. Fant is usually higher in rankings and as we’re discussing- how much better can you get?

…Keep an eye on smith though!!!