Who to keep? Winston/Johnson

2QB keeper league.

I can keep either Jameis Winston in the 17th or Kerryon in the 11th. I am leaning towards Kerryon but am doubting bc of the round value and the 2QB thing.

Help please.

Would still take Kerryon in the 11th. You’ll still be able to find good QBs late in the draft, but you’re much less likely to find good RBs late in the draft. Think about it this way: If you want both, there are two ways to do it:

  1. Kerryon in 2nd/3rd and Winston in the 17th
  2. Kerryon in 11th and Winston in 9th

With option 2, you have both players and didn’t have to pay more than a 10th round pick for either, which gives you the ability to load up at WR/RB those first several rounds, and STILL have kerryon & winston

Good points. Thanks!

Jameis Winston in the 17th is absolute robbery in a 2 QB league. Not sure what drafts Triggs is in but in a 2QB league, there is a 0 percent chance you’d get Winston in the 9th. You’re looking at single QB league ADP data. In fact, in a 2QB league, KJ is going closer to the 5th round.

This is Winston for me and I don’t even think it’s that close. Getting Winston in 17th allows you to just pound RB/WRs in those early rounds and then take a 2nd QB in the middle rounds.

Unless your league somehow has no concept of QB value, and don’t draft QBs until way late, then maybe you can make an argument for Kerryon.

Thanks, maybe I wasn’t over complicating this…

Not an expert on 2QB leagues, but I would have to venture a guess that RB is still valuable and a position of dimished depth. QB is super deep and even in a 2QB league I would still say getting Johnson in the 11th is the better steal. Seems you cant really go wrong though

As someone who plays SF leagues exclusively, I’m telling you right now they are extremely valuable. You can almost always flip a lesser QB for a better RB/WR in season. Getting Winston who is easily a top 8-10 QB for free also completely opens up your draft in the early rounds. You can then target the RBs/WR values as they fall as others have to reach and be concerend about QB runs.

You just got Miked Up dog.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it still make a sound? If someone makes and opinion in here and its not approved by Mike is it accurate… Does anyone know really?

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Only one keeper?

If so, it should be pretty easy to guess what your opponents’ keepers will be. 2QB means there’ll be quite a bit of scarcity at QB. And keeping one will free you up a bit at the start of the draft (because you’ve already taken care of one), while other teams who keep a position with less scarcity (WR/RB) will have to scramble to get theirs.

I mean I dont exclusively play SF leagues, so I guess not. Silly me.

Guess I should have given more info. I am also keeping Nick Chubb in the 16th and Deshean Watson in the 15th.

You have WATSON IN TE 15TH of a 2QB league? Holy crap I’d lay down huge $ for you to win your league man. That makes the decision to keep Winston even easier. You have 2x top 10 QBs AND a top 10 RB locked up. You can literally do anything in the draft and take anything at value while watching others scramble over QB runs.

is there anyone else who is keeping QBs for as cheap as you?

One team has Kamara, Conner, Kittle in the 15, 16, 17th rounds. The league rules are a little different, but the teams are actually fairly balanced.

Damn that is crazy. I’m assuming you allow keepers off of waiver wire? That’s only way any of this makes sense. Also PSA, don’t let people keep waivers. You should be investing a draft pick to keep IMO.